The Banker Poem – The Secret Is Out: The World Is a Vampire

Before starting the video clip about The Banker poem, Jonathan Kleck speaks about an ancient symbol of a seven-headed deity found in cultures all across the world

FEATURED VIDEO: Shhhhhhhhhhhhh,,,, They Do NOT want you to KNOW… The World is a Vampire

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Description: Cain / Abel – RSU / USD — Light/Dark — Up/Down — US/THEM …Wake UP… Time to Goooooooo





Performed By Mike Daviot, Written, Directed and Produced By: Craig-James Moncur

Hello, my name is Montague William 3rd.

And what I will tell you may well sound absurd.

But the less who believe it the better for me.

For you see I’m in Banking and big industry.


For many a year we have controlled your lives.

While you all just struggle and suffer in strife.

We created the things that you don’t really need.

Your sports cars, and fashions, and Plasma TV’s.


I remember it clearly how all this begun.

Family secrets from Father to Son.

Inherited knowledge that gives me the edge.

While you people lie sleeping at night in your beds.


We control the money that controls your lives.

Whilst you worship false idols and wouldn’t think twice.

Of selling your souls for a place in the sun.

These things that won’t matter when your time is done.


But as long as they’re there to control the masses.

I just sit back and consider my assets.

Safe in the knowledge that I have it all.

While you common people are losing your jobs.


You see I just hold you in utter contempt.

But the smile on my face well it makes me exempt.

For I have the weapon of global TV.

Which gives us connection and invites empathy.


You would really believe that we look out for you?

While we Bankers and Brokers are only a few.

But if you saw that then you’d take back the power.

Hence daily terrors to make you all cower.


The Panics, the crashes, the wars, and the illness.

That keep you from finding your Spiritual Wholeness.

We rig the game and we buy out both sides.

To keep you enslaved in your pitiful lives.


So go out and work as your body clock fades.

And when it’s all over a few years from the grave.

You’ll look back on all this and just then you’ll see.

That your life was nothing, a mere fantasy.


There are very few things that we don’t now control.

To have lawyers and police force was always a goal.

Doing our bidding as you march on the street.

But they never realise they’re only just sheep.


For real power resides in the hands of a few.

You voted for parties what more could you do?

But what you don’t know is they’re one and the same.

Old Gordon has passed good old David the reigns.


And you’ll follow the leader who was put there by you.

“But your blood it runs red while our blood runs blue.”

But you simply don’t see it’s all part of the game.

Another distraction like money and fame.


Get ready for wars in the name of the free.

Vaccinations for illness that will never be.

The assault on your children’s impressionable minds,

and a micro-chipped world. You’ll put up no fight.


Information suppression will keep you in toe

Depopulation of peasants was always our goal

But eugenics was not what we hoped it would be

Oh yes, it was us that funded Nazis!


But as long as we own all the media too

What’s really happening does not concern you

So just go on watching your Plasma TV

And the world will be run by the ones you can’t see.



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