The Spiritual Truth About J. Lo’s Super Bowl Halftime Show


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Most people realized that Shakira & J. Lo’s Pepsi Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show was a lude strip show and a satanic ritual, but what matters the most is how it relates to the Bible.

The LORD God has given prophet Jonathan Kleck the understanding that explains the utmost spiritual truth about this world which makes sense of what happened in this Super Bowl halftime show.

Satan is destroying God’s angels by spirit-cooking, a type of mysticism that occurs within the human host body system.

This Super Bowl halftime show displayed the mysticism used by Satan in plain view! 

The feminine spiritual energy from below is cooking the masculine spiritual energy from above – spirit cooking. 



The spiritual truth that was unveiled to Jonathan Kleck explains what’s going on with Super Bowl LIV’s halftime show.

The first thing to observe is how the stage at the Super Bowl LIV halftime show was built as the female sex symbol ♀. (The female sex symbol is a circle with an upside-down cross).

Also, look how the stage is lit up like a fertilized egg!

Why would they have a stage built in the shape of the female sex symbol ♀, and light it up like a female egg being fertilized?! 

What is this halftime performance ritual really about?

During the performance, J. Lo is twirling on top of a stripper pole. A stripper pole is figurative of the male phallus.

Next, the stage performers all start reaching up to her and they are dressed in all white representing semen.

This scene flaunts the female bait that is used to bring down God’s angels; it’s the same story since the garden of Eden – sex was the forbidden fruit

In the Bible, the word water H4325 is used as a euphemism for semen.

That’s why in the next scene the entire female fertilized egg stage cracks open and transforms into a scene where water (aka. semen) is flowing down into a pit!

That’s what this whole world is about: sex was the forbidden fruit and God’s angels get trapped in the human host body when semen fertilizes the female egg. After you are born, the finality is, if you don’t get converted before you die your soul goes to the pit.

The water (semen) is falling down into the pit which symbolizes the finality of what began in Genesis 1:2, 

“And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God (angels) moved (brood) upon the face (as the part that turns, upside down) of the waters (semen).” – (KJV Holy Bible)

(You can learn more about this revelation of Genesis 1:2 in the video featured within this article: God Moved Upon the Face of the ‘Waters’ and The Woman in ‘Purple’ – Bible Truth Never Before Seen!).

J. Lo’s Super Bowl halftime performance also showcased little girls in cages.

Viewed from above, the cages with the little girls inside make hexagrams, 6-pointed stars.

The right-side-up triangle represents male energy and the upside-down triangle represents female energy.

Both energies get locked together when a male and a female have sex, the sperm meets the egg causing the spark of life – which is an angel that gets injected into the flesh human host body system.

When you combine those two energies a hexagram, a 6-pointed star, is created. The hexagram is the same symbology at the core of the Qliphoth.

Your human host body is a Qliphoth – it is a peel, husk, shell that is inherently evil and houses the essence of Holiness. 

The Qliphoth is an 11-pointed star hendecagram.

The Statue of Liberty was built on top of an 11-pointed star hendecagram.

Baphomet also sits on top of an 11-pointed star hendecagram – it resembles the same thing as the Qliphoth!

Baphomet is a horned goat god representing Satan, which is the entity running the inherently evil Qliphoth peel, husk, shell – the human host body!

J. Lo’s stripper outfit is designed as the horned goat deity Baphomet!

Squint your eyes just a little and you will easily see the outline of Baphomet’s face and horns!

This Super Bowl performance is a satanic ritual displaying the magic of Baphomet (Satan) who is running the human host body transmutation device that is called a Qliphoth.

Satan is the entity doing the spirit cooking throughout the human host body system by using feminine spiritual energy to cook the masculine spiritual energy.

Masculine spiritual energy comes from Abba, Our Heavenly Father, the Lord Jesus Christ.

You entered this dimension through the waters (semen) and when your mother’s water broke you were born into the flesh, and now you must be born of the Spirit (the Holy Spirit) to enter heaven. 

That’s why the Lord Jesus Christ said:

“Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.” – John 3:5 (KJV Holy Bible)

The word Spirit G4151 means (superhuman) angel, demon or Holy Spirit

  • You were born once of the waters into the flesh which is inherently evil – you are an angel that got linked with your own demon. You are a superhuman (angel, demon).
  • Now you must be born of the Spirit (Christ’s spirit, the Holy Spirit) to enter the kingdom of God which is heaven.


It is vital that you watch the full video presentation by Jonathan Kleck at the beginning of this article to see the extensive scriptural knowledge that was unveiled by the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Jonathan Kleck’s goal is to share the truth of the gospel and bring us an understanding of the spiritual realm so we can turn back to the Lord Jesus Christ of heaven and not be deceived by Satan to the pit of hell.



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