Mystery of the 7-Headed Deity Found Around the World Has Now Been Solved!

How is it possible that this seven-headed figure can be found in ancient civilizations from all across the world?

Jonathan Kleck presents the understanding he received from the LORD God, which explains the mystery behind this most bizarre “seven-headed” serpent female deity.

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THE SEVEN-HEADED FIGURE – #10 Most Bizarre Historical Coincidence

“There is a very strange figure that has been found all across the world from ancient Siberia all the way to the oldest cultures of India.

It’s a petroglyph of a mysterious being with two arms two legs and seven heads branching out from a very long neck.

It was first discovered in the Khakassia region of Siberia. According to the experts, it dates back 5,000 years and while some claim it has something to do with astrology it might be something altogether different we can’t even hope to comprehend.

Let’s take a look at the Hindu goddess Manasa who is depicted as an ordinary woman with a couple of extra arms and seven cobra heads fanning out behind her ordinary head.

It may not look exactly the same as the petroglyph from Siberia but it’s the same basic idea: a great deity with seven heads.

Moving on to Hinduism we find beings with seven heads all throughout ancient mythology too.

Even the Greek hero Hercules had to slay the hydra which is a beast with seven heads.

Cultures from Mongolia to Iran all had some kind of monster with the same amount of heads and they were almost always serpent heads.

Even in Mexico, a sculpture has been found depicting a popular deity with seven snakeheads.

This was found in Veracruz. It’s the Aztec goddess of fertility Aparicio.

Even more bizarre is that the figures with their seven snakeheads are often female.

It’s one thing when all these cultures came up with the idea for a seven-headed god – it’s beyond coincidence they all chose to make them female.” – [Source: 10 Most Bizarre Historical Coincidences! – Talltanic]

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