Skittles and the Mystery of the Upside Down Rainbow – It’s All Been Solved!

FEATURED VIDEO: “THEIR BOW” Was Made Quite NAKED”-This Is Genesis 3 Turned Around On THEM !! This is Beyond Words !!

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Description: The Entire System CRASHED Mid Project…I am Rerecording immediately…… This is the PROOF We Are at the END..

FEATURED VIDEO: Just Watch the BOW Be Made Naked and Remember the Vatican is a SERPENT aka SATAN who Inverted US

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Description: The Time of Trouble is Upon the Whole World.. The Israeli Prime Minister is set for a 2 STATE Solution …Perfect Manifestation in the END..The Bow is Now Visible and THEY are NAKED.

VIDEO CLIP: Skittles Commercials Compilation Taste The Rainbow Ads

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Did you know that there is another half of a rainbow?

Jonathan Kleck has seen it before when skydiving.

He opened his parachute very high up and flew into a cloud and there was a giant rainbow in front of him and it was a complete circle!

Here is an image found online that showcases the complete circle of a rainbow:

The only reason you don’t typically see the complete circle is because it’s hitting the ground.

Jonathan recounts that the closer he got to the rainbow, he saw his reflection (of his whole body) was in the center of it, and as he got closer and went tighter and tighter to the rainbow – pow – he went right through the center of it!


This is so amazing; what the LORD just showed Jonathan Kleck about this rainbow with the Habakkuk scripture revelation.

You’re going to understand why all these Skittles commercials show the underside of the rainbow.

Habakkuk is now going to take on one of the most profound understandings of the entire Bible.

The LORD knew that in the end the vision that would await the appointed time would be “to reverse the snare” on the enemy.

This exposes them completely, making them naked before our sight and before God.


“And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it. 

For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak H6315, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry.” – Habakkuk 2:2-3 (KJV Holy Bible)

At the end it shall “speak” H6315 meaning to kindle (a fire), to bring into a snare.

Remember, years ago, the LORD told Jonathan to name his ministry ‘be4thefire‘.

Now the LORD has used prophet Jonathan Kleck with fulfilling this vision here at the end, read what was revealed in Habakkuk 3.


“Thy bow H7198 was made quite naked, according to the oaths of the tribes, even thy word. Selah. Thou didst cleave the earth with rivers.” – Habakkuk 3:9 (KJV Holy Bible)

Bow H7198 from H7185 in the original sense (of H6983 to bend, to set a trap, lay a snare) of bending; a bow, for shooting (hence figuratively strength) or the iris: –  X arch (-er), + arrow, bow ([-man, -shot]).

They made us naked in the beginning and the LORD God unveiled the meaning of this revelation to Jonathan to make them naked now – here it is:

Bow means the iris, to set a trap, to lay a snare – that was their goal: to turn us upside-down (that’s what a snare trap does – it turns you upside down)!

(Think of the other half of the rainbow, the upside-down rainbow) and then understand that we are light beings (picture your soul essence as light, a rainbow) and they trapped us in the (upside-down) human host body system where they turned one of our eyes (iris)!

The trap that they set has now it’s been exposed, they have been made naked!

(Now we can literally see how this right-side-up/upside-down paradigm is this whole world system on Earth, it’s all become visible: The Revelation Speaks Of The End – It Will Surely Come – Now It Is All Visible!)

What was the revelation the LORD gave Jonathan that gets you out of their trap snare? 

It’s been his entire ministry: turn everything right-side-up! 

(Go back to the start and see: Jonathan Kleck’s Personal Testimony – God told Jonathan to read the tags in the clothes you are carrying “100% NYLON” that doesn’t make any sense, turn it upside down, “100% NOLYING”).

So when he inverted the other half of the bow (turning everything upside down) he was able to see everything clearly – his eyes became single.  

Bow of bending, the iris. What did they bend?

They turned one of our iris, one of our eyes, upside-down.

The big mystery that has been resolved is that: when you turn everything back the other way, you can now see clearly (you get your spiritual vision restored)!


The name of God ‘Yahweh’: יְהוָֹה (original name and writing in Hebrew).

In reverse writing, upside down and pressed together spells ‘Allah’:  ٱللَّٰ (in Arabic).

Jonathan Kleck has consistently shown us how the enemy has turned us upside-down and backward!

“Therefore hath the curse H423 אָלָה ‘âlâh devoured the earth, and they that dwell therein are desolate: therefore the inhabitants of the earth are burned, and few men left.” – Isaiah 24:6 (KJV Holy Bible)

If you sound out the Hebrew word for curse it’s pronounced: “alah”.

Next look at Revelation 22,

“And there shall be no more curse (G2652 katanathema from G2596 kata down): but the throne of God and of the Lamb shall be in it; and his servants shall serve him:” (KJV Holy Bible)

It says “there shall be no more curse (from kata down)”!

Muslims pray with their heads down, and Christians pray with their heads up

This whole spiritual war is down vs. up, evil vs. good, dark vs. light!


Notice the rainbow around the Virgin/Dead Sheep:

In the following Skittles commercials that were uncovered, you are going to see how the upside-down Skittles rainbow relates to the rainbow light energy surrounding the virgin/dead sheep and what it all means.

The vision is this: we’ve been inverted and now we’re going to invert them.

We’re going to make them completely naked and see the other half (think about one eye up / one eye down).

To lay a snare, trap, your iris (eye). They laid a snare to trap your eye, they caught your eye!

Think about it. You know the saying “She really caught his eye?”

Yeah, exactly.


VIDEO CLIP: Skittles-Find the rainbow taste the rainbow

You can never understand this Skittles commercial without understanding the Bible; just follow along.

In this Skittles commercial, a man goes down to the cellar – notice the door with a design of an upside-down cross.

In the cellar, there are two tiny doors, they are also designed with an upside-down cross.

He opens one and there is a rainbow that shines through with Skittles pouring inside, the rainbow is oddly landing right at this guy’s crotch. (Note: that’s where light beings come from, that’s how they get exiled into this flesh system..through the male reproductive system.)

He goes to the other side of the cellar, climbs a step ladder, and opens the second door where there is a little man inside who is folded in half (bizarre).

The Bible says,

“The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single (G573 properly folded together), thy whole body shall be full of light.” – Matthew 6:22 (KJV Holy Bible)

In this Skittles commercial, there are two doors (think of your two eyes as gateways to two dimensions); he opens one door and there’s a little man inside who is properly folded together!

If you didn’t know the Bible about “if therefore thine eye be single (properly folded together)” – then how could you ever have any idea what this Skittles commercial truly is about?

//Remember, the two doors in the Skittles commercial are in the design of upside-down crosses, now see this revelation about how your spiritual vision is double, and needs to be made single: 


In this Skittles commercial, a couple goes to the basement where they have jumper cables hooked up to a metal bed, and they are torturing the rainbow to get the Skittles out of it to eat!

That’s the truth of the system: they torture us light beings (represented by the rainbow) who are trapped in their upside-down flesh host body system.

The virgin is made up of a dead sheep but it’s the light energy that they are really eating – because God’s angels are stars (we are light beings).


There are two sheep boys that are eating Skittles on a tree that has been cut down.

That’s fascinating because of how it is straight out of Genesis 1:27, look at the word:

Create H1254 to create; (qualified) to cut down (a wood), select, feed (as formative processes)!

“So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created H1254 he him; male and female created he them.” – Genesis 1:27 (KJV Holy Bible)

There are two sheep boys eating off of a cut down tree, that’s this scripture of Genesis 1 “God created H1254 to cut down (a wood), select, feed (as formative processes) man in his own image” – while they are eating Skittles (a rainbow)!

Wow! Really? How else would you explain this commercial? 

You wouldn’t – it doesn’t make sense. But it does now, with the Bible! 

Also, in the commercial, they made this scene purposely with a white guy and a black guy who are sheep eating together, and say “I know two different flavors blended together in each one.”

They’re light and dark, get it? Inside the host body resides: light and dark.


Look at the artwork branding on bags of Skittles and the end-scenes of their commercials, they use an upside-down rainbow:

That’s because they are portraying the trapping of the rainbow (light energy, we are light beings, God’s angels that got trapped in their snare – that turned us upside down) and they are consuming our light energy!

See, there is another half of a rainbow that you typically do not see.

That other half of the rainbow – you only see it when you’re up in the air like Jonathan did when he flew through the center of it.

(Here’s another image found online capturing the full circle of a rainbow):

Now with this revelation of Habakkuk, it’s all made plain and the understanding has been unveiled.

As shown in all these Skittles commercials, they are eating the other half of the rainbow!

We are light beings, the rainbow, who are trapped in their snare (host body) upside down, and they are consuming our light energy!


Remember, in the days preparing for the Night Under the Stars event, Jonathan Kleck with witnesses before him said the LORD would show up to prove the revelation he was explaining, and He did with a huge eye in the sky that was rainbow-colored!

The Eye In The Sky Miracle From God!

Witness the revelation and the full documented testimony by watching the video in the article linked above; it was one of the greatest miracles of this ministry.


Steven Tyler walks in and says “Alright let’s do this. I got minds to twist and values to warp.”

Two guys standing there unveil a portrait of Steven Tyler made out of Skittles and he says, “That is E to the Z, twiddly D-isgusting!”

Then Steven Tyler keeps making the portrait sing “Dream on!” higher and higher until his image made out of Skittles (rainbow) is destroyed into pieces – get it?

When we enter this flesh dimension we got linked to our own “disgusting” image – (Genesis 1 man was created in an image that was an illusion, an idol).

We walk around in a dream state going deeper and deeper into this illusion until our soul (our rainbow light essence) is finally destroyed by our own “disgusting” image.


Two men sitting out on the front porch are sharing a bowl of Skittles, and there is only one lemon-flavored Skittle left.

Lemon is their favorite flavor and they both want it, so they decide to “Settle it the usual way!”

Everyone in the town drops what they are doing to gather around to see these two men “settle it the usual way” by arm wrestling to see who wins the last lemon Skittle.

(Note, everyone in the town has a super muscular right arm (from all the times they have had to arm wrestle to “settle it the usual way”).

The blonde guy wins the arm wrestling match for the lemon Skittle – but while he’s celebrating, a young lady shows up saying, “Not so fast! Lemon is my favorite.”

As she uncovers her super muscular left arm she states, “And I’m a lefty.” (The whole town gasps!).

She represents the opposing force; she’s got the super muscular left arm while everyone else in the town has the super muscular right arm – and she has two girls pictured on her shirt.

(When you understand that the female rival is two “X” and is the opposing spiritual force that is cannibalizing the male energy in this system – then you will understand what is really being portrayed in this commercial).


In this Skittles commercial, a guy is sitting next to his elderly mother on the couch who is eating Skittles.

You’ll see how the guy has one eye that is adrift, he has what is called a “googly eye”, one eye looks one way and the other eye is looking the other way.

Then the camera pans down and shows us something highly disturbing: this guy is still attached to his mother’s umbilical cord – and he’s being fed Skittles through it! 

Then he states “I miss Dad.”

At the end of the commercial the elderly mother exclaims “Happy Mother’s Day!”

Wow, think about being exiled and attached to the Earth (mom, “mother Earth”), and then missing “dad” (Our Father, in heaven) they’re mocking the angels that got tied to the Earth!

He’s got one eye in one direction, his other eye in the other direction. (That represents spiritual vision: our eyes are double and need to be made single).


In this one, everything Joel touches turns into Skittles (rainbow) and is destroyed.

Joel says, “Is it awesome? When you can’t hold your newborn baby boy in your arms. Did you feed and dress yourself this morning? I didn’t.

I met a man on a bus today. I shook his hand. He’ll never see his family again. I guess it’s pretty awesome.”

(Shook his hand, just like the Pink Floyd album cover ‘Wish You Were Here’ – we’re being spirit-cooked).

Bible says in Genesis 3:3 “neither shall ye touch it lest ye die”, by touching the forbidden fruit, you get caught in the inverted flesh host body system, where light energy (rainbow) dies!


Do you understand? The snare.

Jonathan’s showing us that their snare has been made quite naked; the upside-down rainbow, there it is, this is what it’s all about in these Skittles commercials.


Jonathan speaks about this particular Skittles commercial in this video MY LORD Have Mercy on This World.. Prepare Our Hearts for What Is IMMINENT. The End Is EASY to SEE at about the 45-minute mark. 

This Skittles commercial asks the viewing audience to literally put their finger on the screen and “TOUCH THE RAINBOW. HOLD YOUR FINGER HERE ->”.

Then the scene switches to a princess with her mother, and the princess says, “So if I kiss this finger, it will really turn into a prince?”

Her mother replies, “Yes, and together you can rule Skittlesland for all time.”

Remember what the Bible says,

“But of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, God hath said, Ye shall not eat of it, neither shall ye touch (5060 to lie with a woman) it, lest ye die.– Genesis 3:3 (KJV Holy Bible)


These Skittles commercials have been found to match scriptures of the Bible.

The Holy Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ revealed these connections to the prophet Jonathan Kleck.

Ultimately, Skittles is depicting the Biblical reality of them destroying light energy by snaring us in the upside-down flesh host body system. 

You were a light being that got trapped and they are destroying your light energy (rainbow) in the upside-down host body and that’s why the Skittles brand uses the upside-down rainbow.

The mega-revelation shared by Jonathan about Habakkuk 2&3 “their bow has been made quite naked” reveals how they snared one of your eyes when you came into this forbidden fruit host body system, they trapped you in their snare upside-down and by simply flipping everything back around we can see clearly their upside-down world.

That’s the only way to have your spiritual vision restored; your eyes are double, and they need to be made single (properly folded together).

Christ’s purpose was to make one new man from the two (the right-side-up you and the upside-down you) as well as give you two eyes that are up, giving you perfect vision so you can see the truth that was concealed right in front of you your entire life.

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